Why is Southside the premier management company for your rental needs? Because we are focused on you! Our company depends on our tenants, and we want to show you our appreciation by providing you with the best service we can. We work to provide you the best values and options for your renting experience. The longer you stay with us, the more rewarded you get! Unlike many other management companies, we are always trying to improve, we work to be proactive in maintaining resident loyalty and overall quality while renting with us. After all, this isn’t just an apartment you are renting… it’s a home.

Change your leasing experience forever

You asked for more responsive maintenance- we work to provide a fast turnaround!  If we cannot complete your request the same day, it will be completed within three days.  As always, we respond 24/7 to maintenance emergencies & lock outs, so you will never be without heat or hot water, or a bed to sleep in!

You want cleaner buildings and basements- We hear you!  The common hallways are the first thing you see when you come home or the first impression your guests have on your home, we want it to be a great experience!  Weekly cleanings keep these areas looking neat and welcoming.  Basements are some of the hardest areas to keep clean, with your help in keeping your belongings in a storage unit, our cleaning team will be able to maintain the cleanliness much better.  We have lots of awesome things in preparation for the basement and common areas.  You can expect new paint, brighter lights and places for just hanging out while doing your laundry.