We know that we cannot have happy tenants without happy owners! We work to constantly improve your bottom line. Each month you will be provided with a full financial update on your properties, never leaving you guessing how your money, or property is being managed.

We are focused on our owners

At Southside Property Management, we understand that every owner has their own set of goals and standards for their property. We encourage you to let us know what those are, and together we can create a tailored plan as to what we can do to not only sustain your property, but enhance your property. We enjoy the benefits that come along with great service and keeping our properties in immaculate condition.

We are a full-service management company, and pride ourselves on all that we are capable of doing. We feel that with all we have to offer, we are a great company to manage your properties. Give us a call and see why our exceptional company could be the key to making your real estate investments a success!

Revenue Enhancement

We are always looking at what we can do to better a property for the future.

Let us help you get the most out of your property!

  • Maximize Rental Income – after all, that is why you invested in real estate, right? We constantly monitor market rents and adjust accordingly to provide a competitive edge to keep the cash flow steady and increasing!
  • Control Expenses – we do almost all maintenance and unit prep in house, keeping your bottom line low!
  • Preventative Maintenance – twice a year we do a thorough check of your property to make sure everything is in good working order, and to have a proactive stance on any future issues.
  • Create Value – increasing property values are always on our minds, especially in today’s market. Let us help you improve the value of your properties over time!
  • Budget Preparation and Tracking – managing money is as important as the properties themselves! We can sit down with you (or create it ourselves), and create a budget for larger expenses that may incur in the coming years, and also just to properly allocate and save for taxes, insurance and the larger expenses, like water and sewer bills.
  • Trend Tracking – over the years we have compiled data from all areas of our company, and we know when the best months for renting are, when tenants will be looking at your property and the most effective times for marketing, rent increasing and getting tenant renewals. Advertising budgets will be used effectively, and we have the research to prove it! Before you know it, we will have information on how your property compares to others, when its renting, and when its not, and most importantly why, then we work on improving from the data. In our eyes, there is always room for improvement, we strive for the best each and every day!

Accounting Services

We have a great software system that helps us track each tenants’ payments, keep track of any changes in pricing, and much more. We will make sure that you are never left wondering what’s going on financially with your properties.

  • Accounts Payable – we can show you exactly where your money goes each month
  • Accounts Receivable – we have constant contact with any tenants who get behind, bust most importantly, we screen them to make sure we have solid, reliable tenants.
  • Monthly Income and Expense Statements – each month you will have a complete breakdown of your properties and units

Resident Relations

We put our resident’s requests at the top of our list. We feel a happy tenant is one we will keep for years. We have great, friendly relations with the tenants, while enforcing rules.

  • Applicant Screening – unreliable and risky tenants cost a lot of money and time! We work to avoid that by screening all tenants thoroughly.
  • Enforce Rules and Regulations – we understand if you don’t want smoking or pets in your building, we will monitor to make sure these things aren’t happening! Our staff is very attuned to details while they are out and about on the properties.
  • Comfortable Environments – we are providing more than a service to tenants, we are providing them with a home. We want to make sure that common areas are clean, and buildings look nice to provide them with the best home possible. Our office staff is always willing to help them and answer any questions that may come up.